Laborer’s District Council Charity Fund…
Giving Back to Our Community – Since 1989

The Laborer's District Council Charity Fund raises funds to assist charitable organizations that provide services to the needy in the five county area of Philadelphia.

The Laborer's District Council (LDC) of the Metropolitan area of Philadelphia and Vicinity has been helping members and their families and the community enjoy a better standard of living by providing jobs and benefits since their charter in 1937.

LDC believes in the principles that unionism was founded on: a fair day's pay for a fair day's work, and worker's rights. LDC also believes that next-generation unionism must vigorously pursue workers' rights based on management and union cooperation and the advancement of member education.

Samuel Staten, Sr., TrusteeWe chose our charities based on how they relate to our members. We have given to charities that research disease, educate youth, teach life values, provide a safe haven to disadvantaged children and much more. Our events continue to be magnificent successes. The longevity of the golf event and the funds we have raised for various charities prove that organized labor can truly make a difference in the community.

— Samuel Staten, Sr., Trustee

The Laborers District Council Charity Fund has raised over $1,400,000
for local charities since its inception in 1999.